Wies´n Set Edelweiß
Wies´n-Kette Edelweiß
Golden Rings with German Diamonds
Little Rings with pearls
Egypt Eyes
Donut Katja
Green Eyes in Cubes
Apricot Stars
Dialogue of Turquoise and Amethyst
Donut Peach and Strawberry
Donut Peach
Hexagon, luminous green und rose
Donut Steffi
Cabochon Rose Princess
Donut Turquoise
Cabochon, Red Princess
Three Princesses
Rose, Red and Pink Princess
Collier Royal Blue
Snow Flake
Hexagon Star
White Pompoms
White Pompoms
Bronze Wreath
Bronze Helix
Crystal Clear vs. Black Raw
Shells and Pearls
Funny Tears
Collier Black and Grey Tila
Brüsseler Spitze
Filigree of Turquoise and Pearls
Cabochon Amethyst
Cabochon Montana
Crystal Fancy Stone in St. Peterburg
Fancy Stone Tarn
Four Princesses
Silver Lilac
Bridal Wreath and Helix
Ensemble Luminous Opera Ball
luminous Opera Ball in St. Peterburg
Opera Ball  Rougenoir
Silver Shades
Lillyfee Classic
Lillyfee Classic
St. Peterburg Turquoise Heart
Cabochon Emerald Pond
Wies´n-Band, bronze
Aqua Bows
Schatz der Kelten Celt Princess
Schatz der Kelten
Black Lord of the Rings
Two Fans
Change 1
Change 2
Sapphire Donut
Black Changing Seasons1
Black Changing Seasons2
Black Changing Seasons3
blue Blue Angel
Furry Angel
Lil Lillifee
Princess Mermaid
Rouge-noir petit
Silver Changing Seasons1
Silver Changing Seasons2
White Changing Seasons
Garnet Twigs
Mirror of Galadriel
Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella
Childhood in Coral
Aquasilver Orbit
Black Diamond Orbit
Rose Gold Straight and Twist
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